Daily Prompt: Treat

Treat yourself to half an hour with yourself. Close your eyes (not whilst driving!)

Tap into the free energy resource that is all around you. The energy created by all those who walked this ‘green and pleasant land’. I don’t mean in a Ghost-buster cheesy way or some sort of new age pseudo-mystic perception but I believe that our unique essence is part of a collective force. We aren’t meant to battle this existence as lone, transient warriors, leaving no footprints or emotional trail.

When you turn off your radio the music stops but the radio waves continue transmitting their silent melodies. In order to listen to the tune someone on the other side of the world wrote in order to spread his message we just have to turn on the radio. He communicates with any one lucky enough to be able to be moved by music. We can in the same way close our eyes and imagine all of the people who have ever wished us well; those who have fought for our rights and wished us to succeed, those who have loved and prayed. All of this energy is ours. We inherited it and such an immense omnipresence could be the resource you have been looking for. So close your eyes and imagine. Let their wisdom and goodwill wash over you and be grateful that you will one day be able to guide someone sitting with their eyes closed, praying for guidance, because that is what we are for and why and how.

Treat yourself.

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