Kabbalah baby

When Isaac Luria sat on the banks of the Nile in 1556 contemplating the Kabbalah he could not have known that those same rulings would be rewritten and claimed by scientists centuries and oceans away. The collective conscious would come to be seen as a cutting edge concept measured by a technology so complex that only a few elite scholars would be privy to its workings. Isaac Luria sat by the river so immersed in his contemplation that he didn’t go home for seven years.

His father told him that an angel had visited him and predicted his birth with a divine message that foretold of his prominence as a scribe and sage. Whether it was an angel or a self-fulfilling prophecy, Isaac Luria is seen as the father of the Kabbalah hundreds or years later.

Energy and matter has been studied intensively and is one of those intriguing fields that we seem to always be on the brink of understanding. Each atom and every conceivable thing made from them contains space. Not a negligible amount but 99.999999999999%. Only 0.000000000001% of us is actually us. But…this space has energy and the space around it has energy-zero point energy. Einstein said that space and time are intertwined and matter inseparable from an ever present quantum field and this is the sole reality underlying all appearances. Thus the energy of all matter is intertwined. We are all joined. Each living thing on this earth.

This is what Isaac Luria gleaned from the ancient texts which were given at the same time as the written and oral Torah. He saw in these scrolls the common compounds that make us inseparable. The suffering of one is the suffering of all. We are bound together.

The Kabbalah was studied and translated by Jewish scholars but it is for all people.

What does this have to do with Gaza and Israel and babies? If we are all bound then we can find peace together; my baby, the babies in Gaza and all mothers who know that the universal truth is out there somewhere. My message is this: hope lies in the message of common sense and cooperation, not singing songs and holding hands but by incessant good will because when Isaac Luria sat on the banks of the Nile he saw all of us.

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