Kabbalah Friday

Rav Nave picture

How do we raise a non-sexist child according to the Kabbalah who is secure in his/her gender identity.

It is understood that in the Torah G-d is both male and female according to our human perception of those words. He gave us each the qualities we need and we all have them in individual levels. We are all unique fusion models-a million things in common and a million unique traits. So if The Creator has male and female qualities how can either of them be inferior? They must both be divine qualities. If you belittle someone in a sexist fashion your illogical behavior takes on a more sinister quality.

Even the most hardened atheist admits that we have a common ancestor. Whether our connection is spiritual or molecular (or both) we are connected. Our friends are us and our enemies are us. The differences that have evolved over the years have been magnified in retrospect. Diversified culturism has led to gaping chasms between us.

The Kabbalah says that we can mesh with love and understanding and so does logic.

Celebrate you little boy and celebrate your little girl.

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