New starts

Today my second grandson was born. He drew breath on a fresh, cool day. He tried out his voice and looked around at the ward he thought comprised the whole world.

What will I tell him about the world he has just encountered? That it can be pure and clean if he wishes to see it that way? That there is hope and love in each pair of eyes that he should gaze into; if he should hold that gaze for long enough?

He bought joy to my world so his potential is boundless. I shall help him see the beauty in each note of music- each act of kindness less it go unnoticed in the fleeting flash of

bustling activity that envelopes our daily reality. The hustle and bustle . We close our eyes so as not to be blinded by the immense weight of human incessant, frantic energy.

But I shall tell him to open his eyes and look for the good, sing about the good and be the good. Today the world became a better place.

I wrote a book four months ago about my first grandchild. Spectacular Boy. I self-published an Amazon. I then decided that these two spectacular boys deserve a better reading experience. They need to be part of the process. To ask and respond and shout. I am re-writing the book as a workbook/interactive picture book with quizzes and questions. It will have sequels and translations. We will let you know how it goes.

I will update you on the stages of its development and birth. You can share the moments.

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