Eight Basics to Know About the Children’s Book Publishing Industry

The most concise advice to date.

Roxie Munro

This is reprinted from the Spring 2018 University of Hawaii Alumni Newsletter. Click here for link:  https://uhalumni.org/manoa/story/8-things-to-know-about-the-childrens-book-industry

UH Mānoa alumna Roxie Munro is the author/illustrator of more than 40 award-winning nonfiction children’s books, 14 New Yorker magazine covers, three interactive game apps for iPhone and iPad and more. Here she gives an insider’s glimpse into the process behind publishing children’s books, or “kidlit.”

1. It all starts with a query letter

When publishing a children’s book, you generally send a short snappy query letter to publishers or agents asking if they would be interested in looking at your book project. You do NOT send the whole manuscript before you get an answer to your query. If they are interested, you send the proposal, and for a picture book (other than nonfiction) you send the whole manuscript; if it is a chapter book, middle grade, or YA (young adult) you send…

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