The birth of a virtual legend


Once upon a time, there was a fairy godmother who was feeling lost and confused. She had completely run out of wishes; not even a glimmer was left in her wish-bag. The gravity of life had got her down, really down, she had lost her zing but more importantly, she had lost her story. It had got mixed up somewhere along the way with a Stephen King novel and the library was closed. She started to ponder about this thing she had mislaid. What was a story? Where had hers gone and most importantly, could she rewrite it? Maybe it had just gone out of print. She investigated the entity of the story and it dawned on her that the narrative is the whole essence of being. Cavemen recorded their escapades thousands of years ago on the walls of their abodes. Each culture portrays its history, present, and future using stories and even the creator used this method in his all-time guide. Stories bond us, heal us, soothe us, excite us and strengthen us. We all have the write to narrate our own, this is a sacred fact. Without knowing our own unique tale, we are lost and alone. This was the conundrum facing our perplexed fairy godmother.

But then…it happened. She became a grandmother and the world shifted a little on its axis; just enough to shake her out of her pity-party and to climb out of her comfort zone. What did she most want for this exquisite being? Fairy godmothers usually come well-stocked with gifts of “wisdom, grace, riches, good looks, courage” etc. Well, she didn’t have any of that stuff and apart from the riches he had the other attributes already. There was one gift that outshone the rest like the Northern Star outshines the rest of them. She would help him tell his own story and it would be spectacular,−a spectacular story. In orderto do this, she would have to undergo a quick makeover and transform from fairy godmother to…

Story Godmother. This my friends may be a happy turn of events but it is not the end. She wrote book number 1 in the series Spectacular Me, which is an imaginary journey by a young child (guess who?) who travels this wonderful world and then understands that the inner world within him is just as amazing and unique. In other words, he finds his spectacular story. The book is also for girls because as everyone knows girls are a special sort of spectacular.

Spectacular Kids Club





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